The best LLMs, a single API

Integrate Llama-2 70B, GPT-4 and more state of the art models directly into your application


Built for enterprise scale

Production grade out of the box. 10-100x cheaper than OpenAI. SOC II compliant

Test LLMs for free, build effortlessly

Get started in

No setup or infrastructure required


Plug and play use-cases and guides to accelerate LLM app development

Drop in replacement
for OpenAI API

Fully compatible with OpenAI’s chat completion and embedding endpoints (see how)


Models are entirely yours to control. You decide what they do and how to use them


Custom and private models

Train your own models on your data that only you can access

Make your LLM journey 10x easier now and later


Integrate one API to access every top LLM forever


Manage your LLM billing and audits in one place

Avoid vendor lock-in

Switch LLMs instantly. Natively multi-cloud

Calling all builders!

  • We're looking for smart creatives, filled with positive energy, and a passion for building things people love.
  • We are a product-led and user-obsessed company committed to delivering incredible experiences to our clients.
  • We're building a dream team - a group of people who are extraordinary at what they do and highly effective working together.
  • This is a place for people who go beyond symptoms to identify the systemic issues that are worth solving. A place where outstanding performance is rewarded and there are no free passes.
  • We're not here for the routine or the mundane.
  • We aim high and we work hard to push the boundaries of what's possible. We're looking to challenge norms, and ignite change.

The team

JM Goguikian


Co-founder and CEO

storytelling, leadership,
Formerly BCG & HBS

Michael Haddad


Co-founder and CTO

product, machine learning,
NLP and cat dad
Formerly C3 AI & HBS

Oleksandr Danshyn


Founding Lead Engineer

distributed systems for machine learning 2x AI founder,
ex DataRobot

Shivani Modi


Founding Data Scientist

machine learning and
generative AI
Formerly C3 AI & Columbia

Leo (para-Leo)


Chief People Officer

expert in human happiness, chaser
of ice cubes, master of fluff and
seeker of wet food